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Investment Markets


Based upon experience and relationships acquired over more than 20 years and that has been developed and applied essentially in four ways:

Demand / Implementation of Solutions for specific projects:
  • Search for Funding (Equity Capital or Financing);
  • Selection and Analysis of Applications of Financial Resources in Real Economy;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions of Enterprises;
  • Succession Matters;
  • Search for Partners and Partnerships;
  • Internationalization Processes;
  • Prior Information;
  • Support to Investors outside the National Territory.

Exports / Imports

We promote international trade by consultation, to companies around the world who want it.

The presence of our partner, Group Golden, in agencies and partners throughout the national territory as well as in ANGOLA, BRAZIL, CHINA, MOZAMBIQUE, ROMANIA and RUSSIA has allowed interesting opportunities of Commercial Trade in the Import/Export areas.

Occasional consulting
  • Analysis and Opinion on Investment Opportunities;
  • Selection and Monitoring of required Casual Studies (for Qren, Investment Funds, Venture Capital Companies and Others).

Sustained consulting

Centred in personal involvement and experience, this type of consulting implies a study of the sector, the company, its goals, strengths and weaknesses, the characteristics of its leaders and staff – in other words: it involves a whole multidisciplinary complexity that, most times intertwines in sui generis ways with human susceptibility.

By nature and commitment and by UPGAMP’s option of having an easy and centred structure, based upon a solid knowledge and partnership network, Sustained Consulting has justified recognition from its customers, which refer to UPGAMP as "coaching for companies, always alert to any opportunity and available for support."


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